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INSTAGRAM Follower Growth

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Show everyone that you are an ambitious dream, a successful business, a top influencer, a talented networker or an accomplished artist. With Portalidea you can build a solid digital identity through our follower development programs. If you have experience in the world of social media, you know how difficult it is to grow and how much time it takes. With our support, a team of experts will guide you towards 100% guaranteed success. Each package includes:

• Whatsapp support 24/7 • Increased engagement • Immediate activation • Organic increase in followers • Improved insights • No automatic renewal • No password / No bot • Follow us on Instagram ➤ @portalidea.store


The package will be activated in less than 24/48 hours. By choosing the 'NORMAL' duration you will receive followers in 1/2 weeks, with 'FAST' in 1/3 days and 'SLOW' in 1 month.

Your visibility will be expanded in numerous explore sections, both Italian, European and international, attracting followers who will add to your profile. We guarantee 100% the success of the growth path, respecting the times and criteria established by the package. The process is secure, complies with all regulations and does not require your password, so control of the account remains solely in your hands. The more active you are on Instagram, the more you will be able to maximize the benefits of the package. Furthermore, our development program is not a subscription - you can purchase a package on our site whenever you want to achieve your goals. Remember, your account must be set to public (personal, business, or creator) and not private.

To get an even greater number of followers, explore our STAR GROWTH packages, or discover our OFFER BOXES for special promotions. For more information or to personalize your digital goals, contact our Customer Service via the Whatsapp button at the bottom right of each page of our site or via email at hello@portalidea.store .


▫️NORMAL: 1/2 WEEKS (BASIC packages bring followers in 1 week, ADVANCED in 10 days, and PLATINUM in 2 weeks).

▫️FAST: 1/3 DAYS